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Ayush Garbhasanskar & Ayurved Panchkarma Send SMS
Contact Person : Dr.Pawar Shrimant & Dr. Pawar Swarupanjali
Address : Navoday classic,1st floor,Near Faujdar chavadi,manikchawk,shukrawar peth,solapur
City : Solapur, Maharastra, India
Mobile : 9175282979
Landline : 8625063554
Email :
Summary : Sarvshresth ,sujan,Budhiman santan nirmitisathi prabhavi ase "Garbhasanskar", Niragi jivanasathi sharirshudhi arthat pratibhandhanatmak panchkarma v Durdhar ajarasathi Ayurved Upachar
Dr. Nilofar Shaikh  |
Dr. Nilofar Shaikh Send SMS
Contact Person : Dr. Nilofar Shaikh
Address : Mantri Chandak Estate Hotgi Road, Asra Chowk
City : solapurMaharastra, India
Mobile : 7083602256
Summary : Diabetics
Blood Pressure
Kidney Problems
Skin & Hair
Menstrual Problems
Child Health Problem
psychological Problems.
Time : morning 10 To 12 And Evening 6 To 8
Jeevanrekha Ayurved Clinic Send SMS
Contact Person : Dr.Kirti Katare
Address : Flat No 11,Nagane Deshmukh Apartment, Budhwar Peth,Samrat Chowk, Solapur
City : SolapurMaharastra, India
Mobile : 9850551313
Email :
Summary : Jeevanrekha Obesity Solutions:- 1.Reduce weight safe and sound every day pound by pound,get assured result in 6 days. 2.Coronary Artery Disease Reversal Management(CADRM). 3. Let the joints be stout and in complete motion with jeevanrekha Arthritis Solution. Time:-12:30 p.m TO 4:30 p.m.
Kshem Physio-Veda Send SMS
Contact Person : Dr. Shanatnu Pophalikar
Address : 103, Krishna Arcade , 1248 North Kasba, Behind Old Vitthal Mandir
City : SolapurMaharastra, India
Mobile : 9823808098
Email :
Summary : A unique combination of Ayurveda and Physiotherapy Treatment on Gastric Skin, Diabetes , BP, Joint disorder, spondylosis , au types of Electrotherapy and panchakarma procedures are done here with atmost care
Limaye Ayurved |
Limaye Ayurved Send SMS
Contact Person : Mukund Limaye
Address : Soujany,Shobha Nagar, Near Big Bazar,Saath Rastha,Solapur
City : Solapur, Maharastra, India
Mobile : 7350277679
Landline : 9834787158
Summary : Spine problems,Neck,Back Pain,Waist,Knee problems,Black stains,Stomach problems,Diseases of women,Child Disorders,Diabetes,Weight loss,Obesity,Paralysis,Sandi Vat,Skin Disease,Piles,Allergy
Natural Therapy & Acupressure,Masaj,Magnet Therapy,Water Therapy treatement available with us .
Special treatment on knee problems
Omkar Clinic <Br> Classical Homeopathic Centre |
Omkar Clinic
Classical Homeopathic Centre
Send SMS
Contact Person : Dr.Shailesh Shahajirao Khandagle
Address : Shop No.3,Neha Saloni App.,beside Cafe Middle East,Antrolikar Nagar,Hotgi Road,Solapur
City : Solapur, Maharastra, India
Mobile : 9168000575
Email :
Summary : Homeopathic treatment for following disease :
Joint Complaints Thyroid Problem
Asthma,Allergy Mental illness
Skin Disease Hypertension
Kidney Problem Liver Problem
Acidity Female Problems
Piles Child Problems
Infertility Abdominal Complaints
Hair Problems Sleep Problem
Diabetes Chronic Diseases
Cancer Obesity-Special Treatment

homeopathic features : tasty & Sweet,no side effects,easy to take & small in size, and for all age group(like child,senior citizens & Safe for pregnant women)
Timing :
10 AM To 1 PM
6 PM To 9 PM(Prior Appointments only)
Shiv Sahyadri Arogyadham |
Shiv Sahyadri Arogyadham Send SMS
Contact Person : Dr.Mr.Shivratna Shete,Dr.Mrs.Supradya Shete
Address : Savaskar Hospital,Axis Bnak Near, Hotagi Road, Solapur
City : SolapurMaharastra, India
Mobile : 9890267026
Landline : 9226145321
Email :
Summary : Amlapitta,Stomach disorders,Sardi,Khokala,Dama,Allergy,Diabetes,Skin disorders (Psoriasis),White spots,Weight loss, Hari fall,Pimples,Eyes disorders,Sandivat,Spinal Disorders,Spoundilicious,Sleep Disk,Nidranash,Mental disorders,Migrain,etc;
Solapur One an Only ! Air Conditioned Automatic Computerized Control Shirodhara Section
Rahul Clinic  |
Rahul Clinic Send SMS
Contact Person : Dr. Rahul Navale
Address : Block No.17,3rd Floor, Wellness zone, Behind Vodafone Store, Saat Rasta, Solapur
City : Solapur, Maharastra, India
Mobile : 8888032139
Landline : 2172313314
Email :
Summary : Swabhavik / Anuvanshik Vyadhi,Pachanashi Sambandhit Vikar,Vividh Vat Vikar,Anya Vyadhi / Vikar ,Panchkarma & Anya Upakram,Vishesh Panchkarma Upakram, Aahar-Vihar , Dincharya Margdarshan,Garbhasanskar,Strirog,Vandhyatva,Yoga & Pranayam etc; all these facilities available at clinic.