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Contact Person : Dr.Amruta Bolli
Address : 150,Raviwar Peth,Near Avdyogik Bank,Infront of Fire Brigade ground,Solapur
City : Solapur, Maharashtra, India
Contact No. 1 : 9146526977
Contact No. 2 : 9975642050
Email :
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Weight loss,Weight gain,Diabetic Diet,Diet For muscle gain,HTN Diet,Anemia,Calcium rich Diet,etc;
1.Diet For Kidney Disease
2.Diet for Kids
3.Diet for PCOD
4.Diet for Thyroid
5.Diet for Heart Disease
6.Diet for liver Patients
7.Diet for Piles
8.Diet for acidity
9.RTF(Ryles Tube Feeding)
10.Diet in Pregnancy & Lactation
11.Weaning Foods(6 months-1 year)
12.Breast Feeding Advice
13.Diet for GDM etc;