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PRANI DIAGNOSTICS<br>A test ground for food,water,air,soil & oil |
A test ground for food,water,air,soil & oil
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Contact Person : Archana Prani
Address : Praniwada,Near Ambabai Temple,Brahminpuri,Miraj
City : Miraj, Maharashtra, India
Contact No. 1 : 9881476897
Contact No. 2 : 02332225217
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Summary :
Our Facilities :
1. ETP/STP water testing
2. Milk and milk products testing (Fssai parameters +Microbiological)
3. Drinking water testing (Chemical +Microbiological)
4.Food testing (Nutritional+ microbiological + Shelf life)
5.Edible oil testing(Fssai parameters)
6.Industrial air quality testing
7.Agricultural soil and water testing
8.OT surveillance of the hospitals upto Pandharpur
9.Endotoxin and chemical parameter testing of dialysis water