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सुरेश लोखंडे सर |
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Contact Person : सुरेश लोखंडे सर
Address : solapur
City : solapurMaharashtra, India
Mobile : 9325057270
Landline : 9503243552
Summary : ।। आरोग्य धनसंपदा ।।
वजन कमी करा अथवा वाढवा
नाष्टा बदला आयुष्य वाडवा
* वजन संतुलित ठेवण्याचा सल्ला *
लहान मुलांच्या शारिरीक व बौध्दिक विकासासाठी योग्य मार्गदर्शन
३ दिवसांत फरक
अनुभवा मोफत बॉडी फॅट ऑनेलिसेस
Mama Health And Welness Center |
Mama Health And Welness Center Send SMS
Contact Person : Chandrashekhar Aganur
Address : A Group,272,Old Vidi Gharkul,Near Bitala Prashala,Solapur
City : Solapur, Maharashtra, India
Mobile : 9850281455
Summary : Facilities :
Reduce or increase your weight
Free Body Fat Analysis
Tips to keep the weight balanced
Proper guidance for the physical and intellectual development of children
Reduce or increase your weight by 3 to 5 kg per month
Change breakfast, extend life
Earn Extra Income
Work from Home or Office
Full / Part Time
No door to door Selling
Training will be given
No need to quit a job
Improved lifestyle
For Registration ASK ME NOW.
Shape Up N Shine |
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Contact Person : Sampada Hiremath
Address : H. No. 8391/7/8 Paruati Hall,Rajput Apartment, Behind Ganthi TVS,Railway Lines, Solapur.
City : SolapurMaharashtra, India
Mobile : 8149404040
Landline : 9420626319
Email :
Summary : Calorie Management,Weight Management,Energy and Fitness, Child Nutrition,Exercise Batches,Business Opportunities.
Feels Good Club |
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Contact Person : Mrs. Anjali V. Thombare
Address : Shop No. 1, Sanchi Complex, near Govindshree Mangal Karyalaya, Jule Solapur
City : Solapur, Maharashtra, India
Mobile : 9970782380
Email :
Summary : Wellness Coach - Helping People to improve their lifestyle through Nutrition. Weight Management, Skin Care, Digestive Health, Energy & Fitness, Childrens Nutrition, Business Opportunity : Earn Additional Income, Work From Home, Improve Your Lifestyle, Financial Freedom, Work Locally, Earn Globally.
Weight Loss Clinic Send SMS
Contact Person : Dr.Prashant Joshi
Address : 224,Shreyash Laxmi Nagar,c/o Hatturenagar Near Airport,Hotagi Road,Solapur
City : Solapur, Maharashtra, India
Mobile : 02172607143, 9552191501
Summary : Solapur Famous weight loss clinic...If you want to loose your weight then contact us...we provide you proper weight loss diet as per needed..For more information contact us..
Modern Ayurvedic health Management Center Send SMS
Contact Person : Miss.Archana Ajit Brahmadande
Address : 3rd floor,Vardaman Apartment,Budhale galli,66 West Mangalwar peth,Solapur
City : Solapur, Maharashtra, India
Mobile : 9422643160, 9405300875
Email :
Summary : Blood Pressure,Weight loss/gain,Sugar(diabetes),Kidney Stone,Joint pain,Heart Blockages,Cancer,HIV,Anemia,Thyroid,Allergies,Beauty range(New).(Encouraging Healthy and purposeful life style)
City : Solapur, Maharashtra, India
Mobile : 8055818040, 09423331144
Summary : Traditional & Innovative Colourfull Tattoo Designs, Paper Tattoo & Right Piercing According to the Planetary Position of Horoscope.
Hate The Weight Send SMS
Contact Person : Sagar Rajput
Address : 17/33,Vasantrao Naik Nagar,Nehru Nagar,Vijapur Road,Solapur
City : Solapur, Maharashtra, India
Mobile : 9145232868
Email :
Summary : Weight loss, Weight gain, Weight maintain,Calories Management
Club Arogyam Send SMS
Contact Person : Manoj Gajare
Address : Leela Arcade
Address2 : VIP Road, SatRasta
City : SolapurMaharashtra, India
Mobile : 8805162284
Landline : 9850967854
Email :
website :
Summary : Weight Loss Specialist - Weight Management Solutions Club Arogyam has Scientifically designed Result Oriented Weight Loss / FAT Loss programs, Customized Meal Plans, Fitness Activities as well as Personalized Guidance. Weekly Checkups, Personal Coaching and Regular followup. No Medicines, No Crash Diet. We have Fantastic Calorie Management Programs. call - 8805162284
Ashwin Health Center Send SMS
Contact Person : Mr.Nanna
Address : Avanti nagar Commercial Complex near Manorama Bank, Avanti Nagar, Solapur
City : Solapur, Maharashtra, India
Mobile : 9822141214, 9850089896
Summary : Work from home-earn extra and unlimited Income part/Full time...lose or gain weight 3-5Kg/month..NO crash dieting,no heavy exercise,no machinery,no side effects,We do regular guidance chek up and follow up..
Harble Life Send SMS
Contact Person : Yojana Hajare / Arvind Hajare
Address : solapur
City : Solapur, Maharashtra, India
Mobile : 9422514491, 8407913771
Email :
Summary : weight loss / gain 3 to 5 kg without medicine without diet by good nutrition , other health problem solution now contact us